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17th December, 2018

Goulburn Show Supports New Syllabuses for Science & Technology K-6 & Technology Mandatory years 7-8

The new syllabuses for Science and Technology K-6 and Technology Mandatory Years 7-8 have been approved by the Minister for Education for implementation in 2019.

The Science & Technology Syllabus for primary schools now has a strong focus on the importance and production of food and fibre that links into the strands of both the Natural & Made Environments. This enables students to explore the paddock-to-plate & field-to-fibre stories from on farm production right through to the end products.

An excursion to Goulburn Show on 2 & 3 March 2019 can be used to enhance and reinforce students’ learning and give them lots of opportunities to engage with people from many sections of the agricultural industry.

The inclusion of Agriculture for Years 7 to 8 in Technology will see all students participating in lessons with a strong focus on innovation and coding that is driving change right along the agri supply chain.

Goulburn Show also allows students to be involved in project based learning, to design a product and enter into a competition or display.

Check the 2019 Schedules to see how your school can participate to achieve curriculum outcomes and indicators.